Our Impact

Accessing to energy is one of the main factors reducing poverty and creating acceptable living conditions.

Our Impact

Sol-ignite's approach is strongly guided by the sustainable development goals as part of our social responsibility in addressing global challenges in the last mile solutions for the rural community.

SDG Wheel-01

Rural Electrification Plan


Providing LEASE TO OWN model To make Electrification available, affordable and sustainable to the rural community.

Eradicating Poverty and Improving Social economic development in Rural Myanmar


Electricity is not only critical to human well-being, but it is also the undercurrent of a thriving economy.

Creating a Platform that collects consumer data that can be used for expanding product and services offered to them in the future


Improving the quality of life by enabling people with purchasing capability.

Creating Jobs in the rural community


95% of the workforce to execute S³HS will be Myanmar locals.

Community involvement in needs gathering process


To identify real needs of the villagers and clustering of their priority and needs.

Reaching the un-reachable areas with extreme offgrid conditions and transportation challenges.


Many of such villages are hours away from the main roads and some are only accessible via boats. Electrifying such areas are not popular with many providers.

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