Solar Installation

Sol-ignite is a trusted service provider that provide last mile solutions for the under-served rural community starting from sustainable & affordable solar energy to other essential needs such as offgrid solar appliances, rural mobility and financial services.

We empower the consumers and farmers through asset-based lease to own financing models bringing the unbanked towards financial inclusion.

We uses smart IOT-mobile technology as a core enabler for us to create operation excellence so that benefits such as security, trust, convenience and productivity can be attained.

Our big data platform creates an ecosystem by connecting the rural to the urban communities with transparent transactions and reliable products and service, bridging the social economical gap, alleviating them from poverty.

In this way, we are empowering lives and igniting futures.

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To create and make a positive difference to the people in the world, by Empowering Lives, and Igniting Futures.


To eradicate poverty in the rural community of South East Asia by providing sustainable & affordable solar energy, improving quality of life and living conditions, enabling access to health, education, income and better environmental conditions.

Our Values

Sol-ignite have a greater ambition to go beyond electrification with regards to renewable energy, enabling transportation and other contributions to the social economic developments of the rural community. We aim to build effective on the ground sales network and last mile logistics network through our smart & connected platform to create sustainable revenue, effective communications, and higher customer service experience.

Where We Operate



  • A country with the lowest electrification rate in Asia (34%)
  • 7 million rural households
  • 38 million villages has no access to electricity

A Proud member of IFC distribution associate and part of Lighting global initiative.

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